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Retired former Asia/Pacific/Canada Marketing Director

 投稿者:Audrey Erbes (aka Wells)メール  投稿日:2006年 8月26日(土)10時45分1秒
Ohmae-san shared the location of this website. I've enjoyed seeing many familiar faces. I worked with NSKK from 1984 until 1992 but was Marketing Director of Region from only 1987 to 1992. After the layoffs in Palo Alto, I co-founded Kowa Research Labs in San Jose, CA with Matt Potter where we worked together as VP and President until his untimely death in 1998. I left Kowa in 2001 and became a biotech business and marketing consultant and teach working professionals three different courses in marketing. I look forward to having an opportunity to once again visit Japan but meanwhile I'll just visit the NSKK website. Best regards, Audrey-san

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