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Retired former NSKK President

 投稿者:Dr John Gravesメール  投稿日:2003年12月23日(火)14時57分41秒
  Well with the help of Mizokami-san I finally figured out how to send a message on this page. My wife and I are enjoying our retirement here in the Santa Cruz mountains of California. We are shortly looking forward to the birth of our fourth grandchild and will be going to Alaska in February for the birth. Although retired I am doing some voluntary regulatory consulting for a non-profit company with the goal of registering drugs for orphan indications in developing countries. Our first goal is to register a drug in India for the treatment of Visceral Leishmanaisis. It is interesting and challenging work.
I wish all former NSKK employees a very Happy and Prosperous year in 2004. Regards John Graves.

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